Original Artwork

I have incorporated some of my designs into pictures. These can be provided framed or un-framed. Included here is just a selection. If you are interested in any of the other designs as art work, please use the Contact Us page.

In addition to the pictures, some of the designs have been hand-made into models to display free-standing or hanging.

I would love to make a custom-designed piece for you if you have ideas of your own in mind regarding colour schemes so please do contact me with your request. Combining more than one of these designs gives a beautiful look and a stronger coastal theme to your home. Please get in touch if you are interested in seeing more designs or purchasing more than one item.


Each of the coaster designs can be worked into custom pictures to brighten up any room


My Cotswold sheep design has plenty of quirky detail to bring her to life.

Hand made from wood and painted to match the other designs avaiable through Coasting The Cotswolds