Freestyle appliqué-embroidered Coasters

Each of my home-made coasters is individually designed, using a different fabric combination. The design is contemporary and under-stated, adding a special touch to your coastal or country home. This will not look out of place on a table in any room of your house.

I would love to make a custom-designed coaster for you if you have ideas of your own in mind regarding colour schemes so please do contact me with your request. Combining more than one of these coaster designs gives a beautiful look and a strong coastal theme to your home. Please get in touch if you are interested in seeing more designs or purchasing more than one item.

Fish Coasters

A lovely set of fish. Multiple fish and background colours are available

Sheep Coasters

My Cotswold sheep design has plenty of quirky detail to bring her to life.

Bunting Coasters

Add some celebration with these bunting coasters

Bird Coasters

Happy Seagull coasters